teeth that go the distance

A healthy mouth adds value to our years, enhances our relationships, and bolsters our confidence.

Age-related changes to our mouths are inevitable, but poor function doesn’t have to be part of the process. We help patients repair and maintain their teeth for a lifetime of wellness. A personalized strategy for dental health can be created with ongoing monitoring and coaching by our team. Enjoy years of comfortable chewing, a brilliant smile, and the confidence that comes with it!

Our team is here to help you improve your oral function. 

There are many conservative options for care. A couple of simple tests by our team can help confirm a bite issue and the best ways to fix the problem.  Healthy teeth will add to the richness of your years, so together we develop short and long-term plans for optimal wellness.


In many cases our mouths give us warning signs when something is wrong. Don’t ignore difficulty and pain while trying to chew certain foods. If its causing issues regularly, it needs attention to prevent further, more serious problems from developing down the road. Oftentimes with a few simple conservative adjustments we can help you avoid costly surgeries in the future. 


Dr. Karia is available for any urgent questions for her patients!